Ajay Dhandre


Dhandre’s concept is the revolution of a future language that is being generated by technological progress. The aura of science fiction surrounds his meticulously detailed paintings. His frames are populated by mechanical-organic composite forms: cyborgs, robots, prosthetic devices that extend the reach of body as well as consciousness, and interstellar probes. Dhandre’s interest in chimeras, hybrids and devices is significant. It articulates his understanding of the future as an outcome of crossovers, genetic experiments, laboratory side effects and the confluences of diverse impulses. In his works, he investigates a fresh aspect of visual language and reference for new hyper technological research in natural organism and artificial material investigation. He has shown with Art Musings in several group exhibitions including BLACK/white 2013, Quarto 2012, 2013. His works were also shown in the 2014 edition of the India Art Fair in the Art Musings booth. The artist lives and works in Mumbai.