Nilofer Suleman


Nilofer Suleman’s work, inspired by Indian typography and street graphics, is a coalition of styles that take Indian Graphic Culture onto a contemporary platform. Her paintings are a witty and colorful illustration of India, offering vibrant vantage points and comical observations about the city. Suleman is known for her ability to depict a certain vision of India, one that elicits humour and a sense of nostalgia. Her use of color is generous, an onslaught of competing tones. Within the compositions, references are made to popular pictures of Hindu deities, to film posters and shop signs. These are decorated with detail, peopled with famous idols of religion or popular culture- though the line between these is often unclear. This blurriness, a close knitting between the layers of imagery, is crucial to Suleman’s compositional strategy. Narrative and the intention of storytelling are central to Suleman’s artistic practice. Posters contain multiple languages, and translations are often misspelled, a humorous nudge at the phonetic errors and ‘Indiansims’ found on signs. Solo exhibitions with Art Musings include Jantar Mantar, 2015; Bombay Bioscope, 2012; We Two Ours One, 2010 -11; and her debut exhibition Sulemani Chai in 2009. She has also shown with the gallery at the India Art Fair in 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015. The artist lives and works in Bangalore.