Paresh Maity, Journey From Life, Oil on Canvas, 42'' x 42'', 2016


Paresh Maity has achieved proficiency in various art mediums including painting, video and sculpture. The colors are vibrant, and echo the passion of the artist. The sand dunes of Rajasthan, the backwaters of Kerala, the canals of Venice, Maity’s works have captured it all. The focus is on the figure, specifically the faces, with their myriad expressions, closely cropped and juxtaposed with their surroundings. Maity’s sculptural works are typical of his style – dynamic, strong and arresting. The bold lines, the piercing gaze and the painting over the sculptures give them a unique identity. Maity has shown in several important exhibitions all over the world, including a solo exhibition, Montage: Moments, Memories with Art Musings, Mumbai, 2009, and more recently The Chivas Studio, New Delhi and Mumbai, 2011; The Jaguar Land Rover Launch at the Kolkata Taj Bengal, 2012; Shesh Lekha, Poems by Rabindranath Tagore in collaboration with Pritish Nandy, NGMA, New Delhi & Mumbai, 2011. His works are in various important museum and private collections across the globe, including The British Museum, London; Rubin Museum of Art, New York; National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi. Several books have been published on him. A monumental painting by him is on display at the T-3, Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi, depicting the diversity of India. His solo exhibitions with Art Musings include Montage: Moments: Memories 2009.The artist lives and works in New Delhi.