Sakti Burman


Sakti Burman graduated from the Calcutta College of Art and Crafts in 1956. He studied at L’Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, visiting Italy frequently and becoming inspired by the artworks of the Renaissance period. Primarily Sakti Burman is known as a painter and his works evoke the look of a weathered fresco. Burman uses a marbling effect, achieved by blending oils with acrylics, and employs pointillism to apply paint. His sculptural works are almost three-dimensional translations of his paintings. Inspiration comes from myriad sources – from the Ajanta caves to Italian Renaissance frescos. The works have a lyrical quality, creating a world of fantasy, fable and poetic harmony. The bronze sculptures have a sensuous languid fluidity. Over the years, he has had exhibitions in London, Iran, Moscow, Leningrad, Belfast and Yokohama. His solo exhibition in India, Enraptured Gaze 2009, was held with Art Musings, Mumbai. Sakti Burman’s works are in an important museum and private collections across the globe. The artist lives and works in Paris.