Smriti Dixit earned her BFA from MS University, Baroda, 1994. The art of Smriti Dixit is born out of her experiences with everyday life. Drawing on small moments and intimate interactions, she fashions objects carefully, using handmade techniques, engaging in the tactility of her materials, becoming familiar with their specific properties. Dixit’s art is an indelibly feminine procedure, finding its foundations in the process of its creation as much as in its final form. The activities which go into creating artworks are as varied as stitching, quilting, adhering and even distilling distinct elements which are brought together. It is necessary to note that Dixit’s art cannot be dissected into a celebration of femininity. Instead, it acts an antidote to a reified archetype of the feminine experience. Her palette consists of variously textured fabrics and plastics. She embraces the processes of experimentation and creation to communicate the concepts of rebirth, recycling and renewal. Smriti Dixit’s signature work Trap will be seen as part of the Jaya He GVK New Museum, the Airport Art Project in a site-specific installation. Solo exhibitions with Art Musings include Memory of Red, 2015; Feasting and Fasting, 2012; Exile from Symmetry, 2007, and her debut exhibition 2004. Dixit has also participated in a number of exhibitions in India, UK and USA. Dixit has shown at the India Art Fair with Art Musings in 2013, showcasing her work in a solo space. The artist lives and works in Mumbai.