Maite Deltei (born 1933, Fumel, France) received her  art education at Ecole Des Beaux – Arts, Academie  de  la  Grand  Chaumiere,  Academie  Julian and the National School of Art. This was followed by a fellowship from the Government of France to study in Spain and Greece. Delteil worked under the painter Roger Chapelain – Midy and the engraver Robert Cami. Her work has been exhibited widely in Europe, America and Japan.Enchanted celebrates a solo exhibition of Deltiel’s work at Art Musings in Mumbai, 2013. The publication documents works that span the artist’s career, and catalogues her most recent works. It also presents rare photographs of the artist with her family, including her husband, the celebrated artist Sakti Burman.It includes an in – depth essay by Dr. Alka Pande who considers the nature of the artist’s journey  in relation to the artist’s bicultural influences, and delves into Deltiel’s personal histories in a conversation with the artist.Anupa Mehta offers a stylistic analysis of the artist’s current body of work.Ranjit  Hoskote’s poems, chosen from his published work, offer a correspondence to  Deltiel’s  concerns.