T Vaikuntam, Untitled - 3, Charcoal on Canvas, 16” x 12”, 2002


Art Musings opens their next exhibition BLACK/white on 14 June 2017 with a group show featuring leading artists KG Subramanyan, Jogen Chowdhury, Ram Kumar, T Vaikuntam, Ganesh Haloi, B Vithal, Paresh Maity, Raghava KK, Maya Burman, Gopikrishna, Neeraj Goswami, Suhas Roy, Nandan Purkayastha & Ajay Dhandre. The exploration of black and white has been a constant for artists. They revisit this theme for BLACK/white, creating austere dramatic works using the minimal monochromatic palette. Paresh Maity and Ganesh Haloi landscape drawings are lyrical hymns to nature. Raghava KK exhibits drawings from his series ‘Through the Looking Glass’ and Ajay Dhandre presents a suite of meticulously detailed paintings that have an aura of science fiction. Vaikuntam’s Telengana women and Suhas Roy’s Bengali women are depicted in charcoal. Maya Burman’s drawings have a tapestry like effect, reminiscent of the French art nouveau tradition and Nandan Purkayastha’s finely depicted birds have a splash of colour. Gopikrishna’s surrealistic drawings look like pages from a fairy tale. Neeraj Goswami and B Vithal’s bold strong drawings in charcoal explore the human body. The exhibition also features works by senior masters including limited edition etchings by KG Subramanyan, charcoal works by Jogen Chowdhary and a suite of 4 recent drawings by Ram Kumar.

14.06.2017 – 31.07.2017