‘India Art Fair’
Various Artists
February 2016

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In Focus Booth# D7, Art Musings is showcasing works by renowned artist S H Raza. Raza is the last surviving founder member of the Progressive Artists Group. Well into his nineties, he continues to be a questor for new horizons of significance. The Dheere Dheere series comprise of 15 small size paperworks, with his symbolic vocabulary and a system of geometrical interpretations. Booth # B15 features works by Anjolie Ela Menon, Baiju Parthan, Smriti Dixit, Raghava K K, Nilofer Suleman, Gopikrishna & S Nandagopal. Anjolie Ela Menon’s protagonists are mythological figures as well as the ordinary people. Her paintings, through their texture and stunning coloration, convey the wonder of breathtaking transmutations. Baiju Parthan believes data and the virtual space where it exists is a newly formed meta-reality. This meta space certainly has an aesthetic dimension that can be accessed as imagery through data visualization technology. In this work, he has used the traditional medium of canvas, paint, and compositional devices to address that aesthetic dimension and make data visible as imagery in a painting. The art of Smriti Dixit is born out of her experiences with everyday life. Drawing on intimate interactions, she fashions objects carefully, using handmade techniques, engaging in the tactility of her materials, becoming familiar with their specific properties.  Here she presents a site specific installation in ceramic. Nilofer Suleman’s work is inspired by Indian typography and street graphics. Distinctions are found in the details of these flamboyant works, where the elements of fun and fantasy belie a more complex layered composition. Raghava‘s nonchalant and edgy pictorial vocabulary hints at a future, which engages with experimentation. The present suite of drawings is a whimsical exploration of our capacity to play many disembodied roles at once. Gopikrishna’s paintings appear as though they were pages from a book of fairytales. In his surrealistic canvas, one can witness the ordinary and the impossible, unity and solitude, illumination and darkness.Nandagopal’s narrative sculptural work in enamel, copper and brass feature traditional icons. While Nandagopal is an artist steeped in the traditions of his country, his work has a contemporary sensibility that appeals to an international taste.

01.02.2016 – 01.02.2016