February – March 2010

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Though Nikhil Chaganlal has exhibited extensively both in India and abroad, this is his first solo exhibition with Art Musings. The show features 21 mixed media works on Masonite board, depicting his famed interiors. Over the years, Chaganlal has developed a unique technique of painting on Masonite. He uses acrylic combined with oil paints and chemical sealants used in the fishing boat industry. Says Chaganlal, “I paint portraits of Interiors. The painting, each one a room, is like a private diary disclosing places of old world charm, with an embrace of intimacy, of happy days almost forgotten. This body of work is a painterly autobiography of a suggestive presence of people from my past. Narrations are hidden in objects and furniture sometimes reveals emotions of restless sexuality and aspiring spirituality. Painting for me is to create a space, mood and thought….. to live within a dream…… this perfectly articulates my life’s journey.”

25.02.2010 – 30.03.2010