(1956, Kottayam, India)

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K. S. Radhakrishnan is recognized as one of the most significant sculptors of contemporary Indian art. After completing his under-graduation from Changanacherry, Radhakrishnan went to Shanti Niketan in 1973 to pursue formal training in art from the prestigious Kala Bhavan of Vishwabharati University. There he was mentored and trained by two important figures of Indian modernism – Ramkinkar Baij and Sarbari Ray Choudhuri. He completed his MFA in 1981 and was awarded with a research grant by Lalit Kala, Delhi to work in Garhi Village. This gave him the opportunity to move to Delhi and explore the diverse artistic practices of the metropolis. The major theme of his works is the male and female figures Maiya and Musui which represent the anima-animus, the primary anthropomorphic archetypes. His sculptures range from small-intimate scale to lofty dimensions. These works are his meditations on migration, history, nostalgia and memory which have a direct engagement with the public sphere. Radhakrishnan has curated the exhibition Ramkinkar Baij – A Retrospective at National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai. Radhakrishnan has been awarded K.C.S. Paniker Puraskar, Govt. of Kerala (2011). Radhakrishnan is a frequent traveller and thus deems to be qualified as a cosmopolitan nomad who is not restricted by national or regional barriers. The artist has exhibited in important exhibitions extensively both in India and abroad, and his works can be found in several public and private collections throughout the world. Solo exhibitions with Art Musings include ‘The Song of Small Things’, 2018; ‘Terrafly’, 2014 and ‘Liminal Figures Liminal Space’, 2010.

KS Radhakrishnan

2018The Song of Small Things
2010Liminal Figures, Liminal Space