(1964, Patna, India)

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Neeraj completed his education at the Delhi School of Art. He earned both a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree and has been feted by the Government for his significant contribution to art. Goswami received the Bharat Bhavan Award at the Second Biennial of Contemporary Indian Art and the Lalit Kala Research Grant Fellowship in1988. Goswami has forged his own style that does not take into account the prevailing trends. An eye for detail and a keen sense of observation give his works a unique quality. The vitality and life-like images of his paintings have made Goswami one of the most sought after artists of his generation. Exhibitions with Art Musings include Visages 2024; 2023; BLACK/white, 2017; Mystics and Angels, 2006; Return to Eden, 2001. The artist lives and works in New Delhi.


Past Exhibitions with Art Musings

2017BLACK/ white
2006Mystic and Angels
2001Return to Eden