Sheetal Mallar Braided

Sheetal Mallar
April 2024

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Art Musings previews their next exhibition ‘Braided’, with on Thursday, 11 April ’24, showcasing works in mixed media by contemporary photographer Sheetal Mallar. The exhibition will also see the release of her self-published photobook, and explores intergenerational intimacies. While experimenting with analogue on expired film, Sheetal takes you back into a world of fading memories and childhood stories. Sheetal began this body of work as an attempt to reconnect back to the women in her family. Going back to her core relationships, the artist looks at loss and how memories function. The work is about revealing these layers, using photography, drawings and text.
Says Sheetal about this project, “I had been away from home for a long time. I wanted to look at the bonds we share with our maternal lineage. I believe it is a circle that’s just as vulnerable, as it is strong. It’s been cathartic for me, looking at relationships that have been at my core. In some ways, this work has been an attempt to reconnect back with them and find my way back home and to parts of myself that I had lost. I wanted to look at memory, loss, and ageing as a woman