September – November 2008

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Art Musings presented a solo show by international artist Raghava K K that opened with a preview by invitation only. The show entitled ‘Drawn & Quartered’ featured acrylic on canvas paintings from 4 series beginning with ‘Lady Lazarus’, ‘Arrival of the [Swan]’, ‘I Hate Fat Boys’ & his latest series ‘Incoherent Scraps of [Gluttony]’ . In the words of art critic Gitanjali Dang, “Prior to Drawn and Quartered (2008), his recent suite of paintings, KK Raghava’s painterly articulations were intersections where the nebulous and the defined convened variously. In his new works, the artist plumbs the recesses of the cruel and the unvarnished truth. He amplifies these by adopting the Baconian body fixation. Raghava’s combustive pictorial vocabulary keeps the parenthesis advanced by various genres at a distance. Instead, the artist mobilises the plural ancestry that has irrigated his dialogue with visual cultures. Although stylistic analyses would reveal much about the artist’s various interactions with the visual arts, the body/ the figure is undoubtedly the fraught site of meaning.”

24.09.2008 – 05.11.2008