November – December 2009

ART MUSINGS Presents A Solo Show by PARESH MAITY 10 November – 15 November 2009 @ Jehangir Art Gallery 16 November – 8 December 2009 @ Art Musings Art Musings is presenting a solo exhibition of one of India’s most prominent artists Paresh Maity entitled Montage Moments Memories. The exhibition brings together works in diverse mediums, including painting, sculpture, photography and video. The suite of paintings, Mystic City, includes works in oil, mixed media & watercolour in his trademark style, featuring landscapes and figurative images. The bronze sculptures from the Face to Face series are large angular faces, while in Maity’s photo work, Faces of Life, the artist has worked over the photographed image in pen & ink. Also in the exhibition, the artist is for the first time featuring a video work, Kolkata to Kozhikode, tracing India through the monsoon season. The varied artworks on display celebrate the range of Maity’s creativity.

10.11.2009 – 08.12.2009