Raghava K K

‘Ridiculous Copycats’
Raghava K K
August – October 2015

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Art Musings opens their upcoming exhibition, Ridiculous Copycats on 19 August 2015 with a solo exhibition featuring recent works by Raghava K K. This is Raghava’s fifth solo exhibition with Art Musings after That’s All Folks!, 2013, Exquisite Cadaver, 2011, Brooklyn Bound R-Train, 2009/10 and Drawn and Quartered in 2008. Raghava K K is a multi-disciplinary artist. He works in genres as disparate as painting, film, installation, iPad Art, interactive art and performance.

Ridiculous Copycats is a collection of ever increasingly complex panels of artwork that form a narrative much like a graphic novel. The narrative in the artworks follows the half-cycle of a complexity-simplicity sine-wave, telling a story from the imagining/birthing of a species to its dominance over other species and ultimately other worlds. The artworks look at the origin of diversity as arising from a slight deviance or error in code – genetic, industrial, and digital. This delta, over repeated, flawed copycat attempts, births societal complexity and dominance. It is the rise of greater individual difference that fragments the original pieces until they slowly reunite again. This breath-like movement between complexity and simplicity, between group and individual, is the pulse, and rhythm that ties all time, meaning and relevance into a knot of ever shifting identity.

19.08.2015 – 08.10.2015