Shibu Natesan, Room, Watercolour on Paper, 17.5'' x 23''

‘A Group Show’
Ajay Dhandre, Raghava K K, Shibu Natesan, Viveek Sharma
January – February 2011

Art Musings opens their exhibition, featuring Shibu Natesan, Raghava K K, Viveek Sharma and Ajay Dandre on 12 January 2011. Works on display include recent watercolor paintings. Raghava K K’s work conceptually grapples with issues of sexuality and the construct of identity in contemporary society. In this exhibition, Raghava has presented a series of watercolors in his distinct style. Shibu Natesan embraces photorealism. The simulations resemble the original to a startling degree and prompt readings, which are contrary to what is intended, thus displacing the meaning without significantly altering the appearance. Ajay Dandre’s works investigate the revolution of a future visual language that is being generated by technological progress with reference to a new hyper technological research in natural organism and artificial material investigation. Viveek Sharma has focused on drawing and paintings of photorealistic images, displaying iconic buildings of the city. In this series, the artist includes Hanuman on the margins of the represented scene as an integral part of the narrative, as a silent observer of the event. The exhibition continues till 1 February 2011.

12.01.2011 – 01.02.2011