QUARTO (A Group Exhibition) - 2011

Ajay Dhandre, Sharmi Chowdhary, Smriti Dixit & Vivek Sharma
April – June 2011

Art Musings opens their next exhibition Quarto with a group show featuring 4 contemporary artists Smriti Dixit, Vivek Sharma, Ajay Dhandre and Sharmi Chowdhary on 18 April 2011. Works on display include paintings in oils and acrylic, as well as sculptural and mixed media works. Smriti Dixit, (1971, Bhopal, India) earned her BFA from M.S. University, Baroda, 1994. This series entitled Flower is inspired by Buddhist ceremonial rites where, in lieu of flowers, they offer a spiritual cloth called Khada. The Khada-made flowers use myriad possibilities of knotting, stitching, pasting and folding, and signify the process of creation and evolution. The weathered works suggest the elaborateness of her creative process. Viveek Sharma, (1968, Mumbai, India), graduated from the J.J. School of Arts in Mumbai in 1994. He received the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen scholarship in 2009, in Germany. In the current series Identity, Viveek portrays the innocence of street urchins who are constantly grappling with the harsh reality of survival, yet dream of a brave new world. Sharma has had several solo and group exhibitions in India, Europe and USA. Ajay Dhandre, (1977, Wardha, India), graduated in 2001 from the Government College of Art, Nagpur. Ajay’s concept explores the revolution of a future visual language that is being generated by technological progress. In this series entitled Future Encyclopedia, he explores the seamless merging of intelligent machines with organic life gives rise to a new hybrid reality, indicating an evolutionary step into the future of human history. Sharmi Chowdhury, (1974,Kolkata,India) has done her B.F.A in painting from Kala Bhavan, Visva Bharati University, Santiniketan in 2003 and M.V.A in painting from M.S. University, Baroda in 2005. Sharmi is fascinated with the everyday lives of women and men, and their continuous struggle through life. In this series she has adopted the narrative mode of documenting the life around, working on metaphors and symbols that represent specific characters in a given situation.

18.04.2011 – 12.06.2011