Various Artists
August – September 2011

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Art Musings opened there current exhibition features 5 renowned sculptors. Works in myriad mediums include bronze, brass, fibreglass, silver-plated copper and bell metal. Satish Gujral’s bronze sculptures have a fluid energy. This sense of movement, combined with the inherent strength of the material, gives the works a sinuous form. The use of patina and colour in the works create a subtle and aesthetic synergy. Nandagopal’s narrative sculptural work in copper and brass constitutes one of the most important collections in contemporary Indian sculpture. While Nandagopal is an artist steeped in the traditions of his country, his work has a contemporary sensibility that appeals to an international taste. Paresh Maity’s works are typical of his style – dynamic, strong and arresting. The bold lines, the piercing gaze and the painting over the sculptures give them a unique identity. Paris-based Sakti Burman’s sculptural works are almost three-dimensional translations of his paintings. The works have a sensuous languid fluidity, creating a world of fantasy, fable and poetic harmony. Radhakrishnan is a modernist who recharges age-old sculptural processes with a new sensibility. The artist adopts neither a referential avant-garde approach nor a derivatively tribal folk style; instead, his style seems to spring from the form he seeks to convey, and uniquely suits its subject. The exhibition continues till 14 September 2011.

17.08.2011 – 14.09.2011