Ajay Dhandre, Pradeep PP, Shruti Nelson & Viveek Sharma
April – May 2012

Art Musings opens their next exhibition Quarto 2012 featuring Shruti Nelson, Viveek Sharma, Pradeep PP, and Ajay Dhandre. In Shruti Nelson’s mythical world, one is transported into dreamy, breezy landscape inhabited by figures and wild animals in their natural splendour. The use of paper on paper collage is emphatic and almost three dimensional in format. There is no pre-planned narrative, but a spontaneous abstract idea of the feel of a place she would like to evoke. In Viveek Sharma’s work, social, economic and political topics are conveyed to the viewer through messages and metaphors. This series entitled, ‘Freedom by Midnight’ are inspirations drawn from the aftermath of the great freedom struggle that the people of India experienced together with its leaders. Ajay Dhandre investigates the dawning of an era of revolutionary experiments. Humans morph into cyborgs, the line between biology and technology starts to blur. The seamless merging of intelligent machines with organic life gives rise to a new hybrid reality, indicating an evolutionary step into the future of human history. Pradeep PP graduated from JJ School of Arts in 2008. He is the recipient of the Kerala Lalithakala Academy Award. Through his paintings, Pradeep tries to depict the deterioration of traditional life, the fast changing social and cultural epoch, and the loss of human values due to an overpowering invasion of urban life style.

28.04.2012 – 20.05.2012