October – November 2009

Art Musings is presented the debut solo show of Bangalore-based artist Nilofer Suleman entitled Sulemani Chai. The artist is presenting 15 works in acrylic on canvas. Having studied her Masters in psychology, Nilofer went on to study fine art under the guidance of Chandu Nafde in Indore. She started her journey fifteen years ago as a cartographer and miniature artist. She then moved on to experiment with different media and styles like Cubism and Expressionism. Her work is fauvist splashes of un-adulerated, unapologetic colours. Suleman believes that inspiration lurks at every street corner waiting to be discovered, in the chai kadas, the barbers, old hindi movie posters, hand painted and wall-hung Ravi Varma’s god oleographs, in the excessiveness of painted trucks and in the simplicity of our short but archetypal interactions on the street and in the movies. She is inspired by Indian typography and street graphics and brings Indian Graphic Culture onto a contemporary platform. Each painting tells a story, anticipates an outcome. The main protagonists are the eternally stunned and naive Chinamma and Jayaram. Then there are the sly and lecherous Ramlal Pardesi and Tiger Murugesh complete with colourful scarves around their necks and oily hair. The seductress Kaanan Bala, the rogue Josi Kutti, the vamp Susy Mallama, love-struck Lakshmi and the disapproving mother-in-law amongst a sea of other characters. Their worlds collide while sharing ice-golas, paan and fish in a world of painted gods. “Gods and Cinema is what lies at the core of every Indian Heart, perhaps reflective of hope. As Indians, what comes most naturally to us is storytelling. My paintings attempt to weave a narrative together as I try to recognize the hope that exists in the seemingly mundane everyday ritual of life”, Says Nilofer.

14.10.2009 – 07.11.2009