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Art Musings has presented an exhibition of rare lithographs of Paris based artist Sakti Burman. Burman’s artistic oeuvre has embraced diverse practices, apart from the marbled and tapestried paintings for which he is celebrated in the art world. Over six decades, Burman has stretched himself, both imaginatively and technically, through drawing, lithography, engraving, book illustration, textile design, and sculpture.

Burman’s printmaking has played a consistent role in his studio practice. Of all the idioms of printmaking, it is lithography that most closely approximates the pleasures of painting, with its smooth stone and formative conflict of oil and ink, its drawing rendered in oil or wax, its roller-smearing of ink, and its play of tonalities. Burman’s work as a printmaker is to be measured in terms of its captivating intensity. To trace the web of relationships that connect Burman’s paintings with his drawings, watercolours and lithographs are to re-trace the artist’s process of investigation and discovery.