(1942, Karimnagar, India)



Vaikuntam studied at the College of Fine Arts, Hyderabad and at the M. S. University in Baroda where he worked under the guidance of artist K.G. Subramanyan. He draws inspiration for his work from the rural areas of Andhra Pradesh. Women, in particular, are frequent subjects for his works. The love for this subject can be traced back to his childhood, when he used to be fascinated by the impersonations of women characters by the male artists of the theatre groups that traveled to, and performed in his village. His work has a distinctly rural flavor. In a career that has spanned nearly 30 years, he has won several awards. His paintings are a part of several renowned collections and his works have been exhibited widely. Over the past five years, exhibitions of his works have been held in New York, London and Birmingham. Group Exhibitions with Art Musings include Visages, 2023; BLACK/ white, 2017, ’13. The artist lives and works in Hyderabad.

Past Exhibitions with Art Musings

2020Group Show