Baiju Parthan, Raghava K K, Shibu Natesan & Sudarshan Shetty
May – June 2010

Art Musings features 4 contemporary artists, including Baiju Parthan, Shibu Natesan, Sudarshan Shetty and Raghava K K. Works on display include paintings in oils, acrylic & watercolour. Baiju Parthan is an inter-media artist, working simultaneously with traditional media of painting as well as digital technology based installation art. Works on display include acrylic on canvas as well as paper. In this body of work, Shibu Natesan embraces photorealism. The simulations resemble the original to a startling degree and prompt readings, which were contrary to what was intended, thus displacing the meaning without significantly altering the appearance. Sudarshan Shetty works across media such as sculpture, installations and painting. Large canvas works display an intriguing combination of the representational and the abstract. Raghava works in genres as widely disparate as painting, installation, film and performance. Raghava will go down as one of the few Indians honoured to speak at the prestigious TED conference that invites some of the greatest thinkers of our time to present their ideas. In this exhibition, he presents a series of large acrylic paintings, as well as some watercolour works.

10.05.2010 – 19.06.2010