Sakti Burman
January 2009

Art Musings, in association with Aicon Gallery, presented a solo show by international artist Sakti Burman entitled ‘Enraptured Gaze’. The show featured recent works of oil on canvas as well as large watercolour works on paper. In the words of Lynn Gamwell, (director – Birghamton University Art Museum, New York) “Sakti sees the world in terms of the exquisite patterns he saw as a child in India, and, inspired by Bonnard and Matisse, he focuses on people in moments of ecstatic joy. It is Sakti’s own enraptured gaze that gives his work its dreamlike, fantastic aura…By the mid-1960s Sakti had formed his style, which has basically remained the same over the years, becoming richer with his age and experience, as his recent work attests. He typically combines imagery from India and Europe, and achieves an exquisite fusion of Indian decorative patterns with fin-de-siecle Nabis and Fauvist colour…Sakti Burman has embraced two cultures and created from them his own unique international vision – his enraptured gaze.”

14.01.2009 – 31.01.2009