‘India Art Fair’
Various Artists
January 2012

Art Musings is participating in the India Art Fair, in New Delhi, showcasing 12 artists. Sakti Burman’s paintings evoke the look of a weathered fresco, using a marbling effect, achieved by blending oils with acrylics, and employing pointillism. Anjolie Ela Menon’s art incorporates diverse cultures, with traces of Greco-Roman and Byzantine traditions. Her works juxtapose the classical icon and the popular image. Nalini Malani is a multimedia artist whose practice encompasses painting, projected animation, video and film. She is displaying reverse paintings from the Alice series. Baiju Parthan, an inter-media artist, works with traditional media of painting as well as digital technology based installation art. He is showcasing a suite of small paintings. Raghava K K’s large painting is inspired by the events and forces that created independent India, in which he creates his own version of history through stories and not facts. Gopikrishna’s surrealistic paintings appear as fairytales where one can witness the ordinary and the impossible, unity and solitude, illumination and darkness. Nilofer Suleman’s work is inspired by Indian typography and street graphics. Her work is a coalition of styles that take Indian Graphic Culture onto a contemporary platform. Jayasri Burman weaves the decorative and design element of the folk idiom into the intricate patterns of her work, without losing the natural charm and naiveté. Maya Burman’s paintings have a tapestry like effect. The details of Indian miniature painting and French art nouveau tradition merge in her art. Nandagopal does narrative sculptural work in copper and brass. His work is steeped in tradition yet retains a contemporary sensibility. In Viveek Sharma’s work, social, economic and political topics are juxtaposed and conveyed to the viewer through metaphors. Sharma includes himself in the work by way of a self–portrait, forming an integral part of his narrative. Smriti Dixit’s palette consists of textured fabrics and plastics. She embraces the processes of experimentation and creation to communicate the concepts of rebirth, recycling and renewal.

25.01.2012 – 29.01.2012