‘Perceptions from the Precipice’
October – December 2013

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Art Musings proudly presents a solo exhibition of Kerala based artist Gopikrishna featuring paintings in oil and watercolour. A consummate storyteller, Gopikrishna peoples his universe with myriad creatures and characters, each conveying their own subtle wisdom. His paintings appear as though they were pages from a book of fairytales. In his surrealistic canvas, one can witness the ordinary and the impossible, unity and solitude, illumination and darkness. About the works, says Gopikrishna, “This body of paintings, executed from 2011-13, represent what has been glimpsed, experienced, memorized and realized through this period. Life, as always, has been a traverse through pinnacles and ravines. Paintings thus born bear evidence of the secretive existences perceived from the precipices of life. They reveal a state of timelessness as unaffected by the bangs of the time-bound. They seek out the spiritual fibres deeply hidden in the structure of life -forms.”28.10.2013 – 05.12.2013

28.10.2013 – 05.12.2013