K S Radhakrishnan
March – April 2014

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Art Musings is presenting a solo exhibition of one of India’s most prominent sculptors K S Radhakrishnan entitled terrafly. The exhibition features a series of his new sculptures, where he represents his desire to engage with his sculptural protagonist Musui’s conscience and the fluidity of Musui’s self. The title sculpture Terrafly is replete with nuanced meanings. Musui, an air bound presence at the top of a vertical column surveys all that is going on around the column. He is at once the state and the presence of a soul. The sculptor brings in a double metaphor here; one critical and the other benevolent. While making Musui an agent of intrusive gaze, Radhakrishnan counterbalances it with the benevolent presence. The other sculptures depict Maiya as a physical manifestation of Musui’s conscience placed on Musui’s head. Through these works Radhakrishnan makes a statement about the mysterious existence of the human conscience and its burdening effect on the actions of human beings. Radhakrishnan reaffirms the inseparability of Musui and Maiya – the male and the female.

20.03.2014 – 15.04.2014