M Pravat
August – September 2008

Art Musings presented a solo show of Delhi based artist M Pravat entitled ‘Late Again’. Pravat obtained his BFA – MFA degree from the faculty of fine arts at the MS University in Baroda. He was awarded the Nasreen Mohammadi scholarship in 2001. Apart from painting, Pravat works in several mediums including photography and clay. In the words of art critic Gitanjali Dang, “In Late Again, M. Pravat mobilizes his painterly vocabulary to occasion often-lush living spaces. Although the insides of these apartments provide a giddy torrent of visual possibility, the artist almost never relies on the quirky to state his case. The provenance of these works lies in the network of unspeakably similar desires that colour and saturate the decadence of consumer culture. But Pravat elides any direct reference to consumption habits and instead invites us to inhabit these rooms and envelope ourselves in their vapidity.”

05.08.2008 – 20.09.2008