‘From Clay to Craft’
Nandan Purkayastha
March – April 2012

Art Musings is presenting the debut solo exhibition of Nandan Purkayastha, entitled Monochrome, where the young artist is exhibiting intricately detailed pen and ink works on paper. The series is based on the ancient custom of Durga Puja. The paintings offer a rendering to the process through which the purpose evolves. From preparation to packing, it is more a feeling and living of the art and harmony than religion. The series takes one through the entire process from creation, devotion, celebration to immersion. The exhibit becomes a means of altering “dust thou art and unto dust thou returns” by conveying how an idol can never be the means of exalting spirituality. It is perhaps one of the most endearing visual celebrations. The idols of Durga are sculpted from clay and reach their end by dissolving into the river-beds, a yearly routine, time-bound. Yet, the lessons that one learns and the sentiments that one attaches, the belief one holds and the craft one creates, is timeless.

06.03.2012 – 15.04.2012