Natesan’s Antiqarts
February – March 2014

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Art Musings, in collaboration with Natesan’s Antiqarts is presenting Itihaas, an exhibition of rare sculptures, being displayed for the first time in Mumbai. Itihaas takes you on a journey through India’s glorious past, from 1500 BC to 2000 CE, cutting across various geographies, dynasties and medium to give the art lover a view of ancient Indian art in a capsule. On display in the exhibition is a bouquet of objects ranging from 1500 BC to 1930 CE covering dynasties as diverse as Chola, Hoysala, Chera, Rashtrakuta and others. From an ancient harpoon to Chola sculptures to Mysore paintings, the display opens new vistas in to the lesser explored area of Indian antiquities. It is curated to give the curious art lover a clearer vision of India’s glorious past.

28.02.2014 – 15.03.2014