‘That’s All Folks!’
Raghava K K
September – October 2013

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Art Musings presents their next exhibition, That’s All Folks! with a solo exhibition featuring recent works by Raghava K K. Raghava K K is a multi-disciplinary artist. He works in genres as disparate as painting, film, installation, iPad Art, interactive art and performance. His work conceptually grapples with the construct of identity, gender and sexuality within the structures of power, knowledge, and empathy. Says Raghava K K of this current body of works, “My visual metaphors in ‘That’s All Folks’ come about through the emotional mapping of the three disparate worlds -The Cartoon, The Historical, The Memetic. By this, I mean that I will not map literal characters or events, but an emotional response to them. My intention in bringing these worlds together is to exaggerate the flatness of Indian school history using the further flattening medium of Caricature and the indoctrinatory nature of Memes. I see ‘That’s All Folks’ as my historical documents where the linearity of time has been distorted and rearranged like a big knot creating parallel and orthogonal universes.”

04.09.2013 – 25.10.2013