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‘As Within…so Without’
Ganesh Haloi & Ram Kumar
July – August 2013

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Art Musings presents ‘As Within….so Without’, an exhibition featuring paintings of Ram Kumar & Ganesh Haloi, two of India’s most accomplished abstractionists. Each artist, the former in New Delhi and the latter in Kolkata, has devoted several decades to the activation of the non-representational painted surface. Kumar and Haloi continue to renew their chosen idiom with an admirable energy of inventiveness that is matched by a magical richness of emotion. Ram Kumar’s paintings open out in sweeps of ochre, viridian and aquamarine, as he mounts his contemplations of the cosmic cycle of creation, dissolution and regeneration. A residual geography and a notational architecture creep into the grandeur of the entropic universe: stray signs of settlement and activity surface through the wreckage of a shattered world. Ganesh Haloi’s paintings encode an elegy for the loss of landscape; in their kaleidoscopic evocation of rivers and hills, marshes and lakes, they speak of the cartographies of a homeland. Haloi’s works are lyrical hymns to the natural world, its splendor recalled through detail and notation, the fragment rather than the vista.

17.07.2013 – 30.08.2013