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‘India Art Summit – 2011’
Various Artists
January 2011

Art Musings is participating in the India Art Summit, India’s premier art fair. Art Musings will be showcasing 10 artists including renowned masters S H Raza, Sakti Burman, and Anjolie Ela Menon, leading contemporary artist Nalini Malani and young established artists Raghava K K, Gopikrishna, Nilofer Suleman, Nikhil Chaganlal, Maya Burman, and Sujata Bajaj. The artists are displaying works in acrylic, oil and watercolour in their trademark style. S H Raza’s work has the mystic aspects of Hindu philosophy. The ‘Bindu’ now has become more of an icon, sacred in its symbolism, and placing his work in an Indian context. Sakti Burman’s paintings evoke the look of a weathered fresco. Burman uses a marbling effect, by blending oils with acrylics. Anjolie Ela Menon’s art incorporates diverse cultures, with traces of Greco-Roman and Byzantine traditions. Her works generate a creative friction by juxtaposing the classical icon and the popular image. Nalini Malani is a senior multimedia artist whose practice encompasses drawing and painting, as well as projected animation, video and film. Raghava K K’s work conceptually grapples with issues of sexuality and the construct of identity in contemporary society. In Gopikrishna’s surrealistic paintings, one can witness the ordinary and the impossible, unity and solitude, illumination and darkness. Nilofer Suleman’s work is inspired by Indian typography and street graphics. Her work is a coalition of styles that take Indian Graphic Culture onto a contemporary platform. Nikhil Chaganlal has developed a unique technique of painting on Masonite. Narrations hidden in objects and furniture reveal emotions of restless sexuality and aspiring spirituality. Maya Burman’s paintings are reminiscent of the French art nouveau tradition. The details of Indian miniature painting and European Middle Age architecture merge in her art Sujata Bajaj has worked with different art forms and media such as etching, wood-cut, sculpture, murals, cold ceramic, fiberglass, metal, mixed media and, now, acrylic.

20.01.2011 – 23.01.2011