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‘The Beholder’s Share’
Sakti Burman
February – March 2016

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Sakti Burman (1935, Kolkata) returns to Mumbai after a gap of 9 years with a solo exhibition The Beholder’s Share, featuring recent oil on canvas works. The exhibition also showcases a small selection of sculptures, drawings and lithographs. Sakti has embraced two cultures and created his own unique world of fable, fantasy and myth, which has grown ever richer over the years. He draws inspiration from myriad sources, ranging from the Ajanta caves to the paintings of the Italian Renaissance. He combines imagery from India and Europe, and achieves a fusion of Indian patterns with colour preferences inherited from the fin-de-siecle Nabis and Fauves. His paintings evoke the dreamlike look of a time-encrusted fresco, achieved through the blending of oil and acrylic to produce a marbling effect. In the course of a distinguished career, Burman has received many honours, including the Prix des Etrangers, École des Beaux-Arts, Paris; the Medaille Arts, Science et Lettres, Paris; the Medaille d’Argent de Montmorency; the Medaille d’Or, Salon des Artistes Français, Grand Palais, Paris; and the Prix de la Ville de l’Isle-Adam, France. Burman’s works have found place in the collections of major museums and cultural institutions, including the British Museum, London; the Musée de la Ville, Paris; the National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi; the National Gallery, Auckland; the Punjab Museum, Chandigarh; the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), Bombay; and the Ministry of Culture, Government of France, Paris.

10.02.2016 – 10.03.2016