Aarambh@93 - Gallery View - 2

S H Raza
March – April 2015

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Art Musings is proud to present a solo exhibition of Padma Vibhushan S H Raza in celebration of his 93rd birthday, entitled Aarambh @ 93. In the course of a career spanning seven decades, Raza has dedicated himself to a quest for vital forms that convey his earliest memories of landscape and cosmic expanse, language and silence. The circle or ‘Bindu’ has become more of an icon, sacred in its symbolism, and placing his work in an Indian context. To Raza, painting is akin to the meditative practice of japa, the fully-engaged repetition of a mantra, until it is deepened and concentrated into a pathway of energy. Among Raza’s recent works, the artist includes among abstract shapes, words or letters which appear with symbolic hieroglyphs. The image of the Bindu remains an essential quotient in his paintings. He continues to consider its possibilities by repeating, fragmenting, excavating its form. By pushing his work towards a meditative space, Raza’s body of work engages in a timeless convergence between outer and inner worlds.

02.03.2015 – 15.04.2015