‘Memory of Red’
Smriti Dixit
January – February 2015

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In Memory of Red, the artworks are not only a reflection of its maker’s interiority, but documents of a specific time and place. Through her sculptures and installations, Smriti Dixit connects personal and collective memories, revealing that history is not recorded by objects, but imagined through them. Her work investigates the potential of the neglected, and the lyricism of the forgotten. In this sense, Dixit collects the future ruins of our civilization, a reminder that we are only remembered by what we leave behind. In the wall installations, Dixit returns to the quilt, a form she has experimented with in various ways. Dixit activates the history of quilting, choosing materials from outside of the home, encoding it with a meaning that is beyond the domestic. The fabric hangs from the wall like a web of arteries, of bloodline and lineage, passed from one woman to another. Objects, both found and personal are interspersed in the quilt, adding physical and psychological and psychological weight, creating points of meeting and stoppages along the grid. In the 2015 edition of the Art Fair, Art Musings is presenting a site specific work from the series ‘Memory of Red’ in the special project section.

16.01.2015 – 21.02.2015