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‘The Song of Small Things’
K S Radhakrishnan

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Art Musings is presenting a solo exhibition The Song of Small Things, featuring one of India’s most prominent sculptors KS Radhakrishnan at Jehangir Art Gallery. Radhakrishnan is recognized as one of the most significant figures of contemporary Indian art. The bronze works featured in this exhibition do not abandon themselves to any particular mind-set and yet they are mindful, like breathing subconsciously in peopled space. The characters of the compositions are undefined but nimble in their human movement and strung together in their common spirit of joy. Stemming from bases made of things that were used everyday a long time ago, these sculptures grow like feelings, touching off sentiments that we all want to re-visit. Each twist, each bend, and each formation is a story in itself, abounding in sheer exuberance. The creator did not have a blueprint for these works. He shaped them with the blues of childhood that kept invading his senses every time he set out to build on memories. The child in him has truly shown the way. One thing is evident from his works – childhood has no history because childhood itself is part of every human’s history.