Sheetal Mallar - Neighbourhood - The Diary-3

Neighbourhood – The Diary
Sheetal Mallar
December 2021

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Art Musings presents ‘Neighbourhood’, the first of a series of 3 online exhibitions by contemporary photographer Sheetal Mallar. In her work, Mallar focuses on the delicate, unspoken relationships that bind people to places, and on the layers of active and latent signals by which individuals signal their identity and aspirations. ‘The Diary’ photographed across Goa, as a collaboration with good friend Savio Jon, is an ongoing project by Sheetal. In the words of Meera Ganapathi Ayappa, “Sheetal weaves a neighbourhood around spaces that are bound by familiarity. Here a feeling of solitude lives comfortably within the feeling of community. The people within these pictures inhabit carefully built worlds that are cherished because they’re fragile just like the trajectory of a relationship.”