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Maïté Delteil & MAYA BURMAN
December 2016 – February 2017

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The Flower and the Bulb: The Art of Maïté Delteil & Maya Burman features paintings by the Paris-based artists. For mother and daughter Maïté Delteil and Maya Burman, painting forms a lineage, a bloodline; and inspiration originates from the inner lives of the artists. The resultant compositions are bound to personal histories and images from the unconscious, making for paintings replete with layered realities. Living and working in France and India, both mother and daughter draw on the diverse aesthetics of these cultures. Both Maïté and Maya employ unusual and memorable palettes to bring their compositions together.

Maïté brush conveys into being the roundedness of cherries, the heavy pile of snow, the variegation of the plumage of hoopoes and finches, the particular serration and generic density of foliage. Delteil’s attentiveness to detail is a form of devotion: her paintings are songs of praise. Maya’s paintings, by contrast, are peopled, made up of characters that live in mythology and metaphor. Her figures float through fields, their bodies curving with the shapes of the landscape. Patterns weave and float around the central forms evoking a sense of exuberance and joie de vivre.  Burman’s paintings have a tapestry like effect where everything is subordinate to floral, decorative patterning, reminiscent of the French art nouveau tradition.

14.12.2016 – 10.02.2017