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MAY 2018

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Art Musings presents Ray Trace, a solo exhibition of Baiju Parthan, showcasing a range of the artist’s lenticular works. He is one of the early exponents of new media art and mediatic-realism in the Indian contemporary art scene. The works on display are a combination of 3D graphics and lenticular printing technology. The process involves sculpting and modelling in three-dimensional virtual space using 3D software tools and presenting the result as stereoscopic prints that evoke the illusion of three-dimensional space and movement. Parthan’s vocabulary consists of arcane symbols, found imagery, as well as contemporary photographic and computer-generated imagery that are woven together to create artworks which reveal a dense multi-layered phenomenological landscape. Works on display include Parthan’s iconic series including Monument (2011) and Terminus (2017). These works belong to a series of new media works that re-imagine historic landmarks and the cityscape of Mumbai, by staging a virtual event that would impact and alter the viewer’s memory and recollection of the actual landmark, suggesting how the virtual could affect and alter the real.