T Vaikuntam, Untitled - 3, Charcoal on Canvas, 16” x 12”, 2002

JUNE – JULY 2017

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Art Musings opens their next exhibition BLACK/white on 14 June 2017 with a group show featuring leading artists KG Subramanyan, Jogen Chowdhury, Ram Kumar, T Vaikuntam, Ganesh Haloi, B Vithal, Paresh Maity, Raghava K K, Maya Burman, Gopikrishna, Neeraj Goswami, Suhas Roy, Nandan Purkayastha & Ajay Dhandre. The exploration of black and white has been a constant for artists. They revisit this theme for BLACK/white, creating austere dramatic works using the minimal monochromatic palette. Paresh Maity and Ganesh Haloi landscape drawings are lyrical hymns to nature. Raghava K K exhibits drawings from his series ‘Through the Looking Glass’ and Ajay Dhandre presents a suite of meticulously detailed paintings that have an aura of science fiction. Vaikuntam’s Telengana women and Suhas Roy’s Bengali women are depicted in charcoal. Maya Burman’s drawings have a tapestry like effect, reminiscent of the French art nouveau tradition and Nandan Purkayastha’s finely depicted birds have a splash of colour. Gopikrishna’s surrealistic drawings look like pages from a fairy tale. Neeraj Goswami and B Vithal’s bold strong drawings in charcoal explore the human body. The exhibition also features works by senior masters including limited edition etchings by KG Subramanyan, charcoal works by Jogen Chowdhary and a suite of 4 recent drawings by Ram Kumar.


April – May 2017

Art Musings opens their next exhibition The Creator Series, on 20 April 2017 featuring works by contemporary artist Ajay Dhandre.

Dhandre’s concept is the revolution of a future language that is being generated by technological progress. The aura of science fiction surrounds his meticulously detailed paintings.  His frames are populated by mechanical-organic composite forms: cyborgs, robots, prosthetic devices that extend the reach of body as well as consciousness, and interstellar probes. In this series, Dhandre investigates the dawn of an era of revolutionary experiments. Humans become more machine-like and morph into cyborgs, the line between biology and technology starts to blur. The seamless merging of intelligent machines with organic life gives rise to a new hybrid reality, a new knowledge, indicating an evolutionary step into the future of human history.

I have attached the ecatalog to this mail. Please go through it and let me know if any of the artworks interest you. We can have them sent over for you to see them at your convenience or you can come by to the gallery.


February – April 2017

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Art Musings is presenting Vision into Infinity, a solo exhibition of prominent Indian artist Paresh Maity.  This is the artist’s 80th solo exhibition. The show brings together a compilation of Paresh Maity’s art from the early 90s to the present and represents the artist’s metamorphosis; a reflection of the refined visual aesthetics developed by the artist through decades of multi-layered practice. Tradition and modernity mingle within Paresh’s art. Recent sculptural works in bronze bring back essences of folkloric forms that surrounded him in his childhood and youth. Maity’s paintings evolve from primary encounters with the world around him and the personal responses they engender. It brings into his expression a vital emotional characteristic that touches a viewers’ sensibility. His visual narratives liberate the stories that are within him. The vastness of his visual experience is reflected in the large body of artworks in this exhibition including paintings, drawings, sculptures and installations. His is a repertoire that envelopes the minimal as well as the lushly adorned, the miniature as well as the monumental.

15.02.2017 – 15.04.2017

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Maïté Delteil & MAYA BURMAN
December 2016 – February 2017

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The Flower and the Bulb: The Art of Maïté Delteil & Maya Burman features paintings by the Paris-based artists. For mother and daughter Maïté Delteil and Maya Burman, painting forms a lineage, a bloodline; and inspiration originates from the inner lives of the artists. The resultant compositions are bound to personal histories and images from the unconscious, making for paintings replete with layered realities. Living and working in France and India, both mother and daughter draw on the diverse aesthetics of these cultures. Both Maïté and Maya employ unusual and memorable palettes to bring their compositions together.

Maïté brush conveys into being the roundedness of cherries, the heavy pile of snow, the variegation of the plumage of hoopoes and finches, the particular serration and generic density of foliage. Delteil’s attentiveness to detail is a form of devotion: her paintings are songs of praise. Maya’s paintings, by contrast, are peopled, made up of characters that live in mythology and metaphor. Her figures float through fields, their bodies curving with the shapes of the landscape. Patterns weave and float around the central forms evoking a sense of exuberance and joie de vivre.  Burman’s paintings have a tapestry like effect where everything is subordinate to floral, decorative patterning, reminiscent of the French art nouveau tradition.

14.12.2016 – 10.02.2017


‘The Metaphysical Edge’
S. Nandagopal
November – December 2016

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Art Musings presents a solo exhibition entitled ‘The Metaphysical Edge’ by Cholamandal based S. Nandagopal, Nandagopal is an artist steeped in the traditions of his country, and yet his work has a contemporary sensibility that appeals to an international taste. While Nandagopal’s regular medium is welded copper and brass sculpture with enamel finish, for the first time in several decades, Nandagopal has made a major change in medium and in this exhibition, and here he features a suite of 28 paintings done in colored, gold & silver inks. His sculptures have gods, goddesses, mythical creatures and airborne demigods. These vibrant small format ink paintings also have the same protagonists. For Nandagopal, the fascination has been in explaining what could come out of the aesthetic adventure of the attempt to reconcile the latent memories of a magnificent, highly evolved tradition and experiences of a vital contemporary West.

12.11.2016 – 12.12.2016

Necessary Illussion - Gallery - 4

‘Necessary Illusions’
Baiju Parthan
September – November 2016

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A solo exhibition of Baiju Parthan – Necessary Illusions, Parthan is showcasing in Mumbai after a gap of 10 years. His last exhibition Source Code in Mumbai was with Art Musings in 2006.

Baiju Parthan, (1956, Kerala, India) is an inter-media artist, working with painting as well as digital technology based installation art. He is one of the early exponents of new media art and mediatic-realism in the Indian contemporary art scene. His work presents worldviews built upon differing ideologies that are in collision and transforming each other, and the resulting ontological fallout felt by us all. Human history thus becomes a compilation of tracks, traces, and debris left behind by such collisions for the artist. Parthan’s vocabulary consists of arcane symbols, found imagery, as well as contemporary photographic materials that are woven together to create paintings which reveal a dense multi layered phenomenological landscape. His work in the digital realm consists mainly of explorations into the constantly mutating interstice where the virtual and real bleed into each other. Through a range of computer generated virtual objects presented in video installations, large scale prints on metallic surfaces, and lenticular prints, Parthan manages to present a critique on high technology and its impact on our life and experience of reality.

14.09.2016 – 05.11.2016


Raghava K K
September 2016

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To coincide with the upcoming Ganeshotsav, we would like to offer a new suite of paintings by Raghava K K from his on-going series of Advaitha Ganesha to our select clients.Do go through the attached e-catalog and let us know if you would like to acquire a work.

01.09.2016 – 10.09.2016

The Gallery Collection - Galelry View - 2

‘The Gallery Collection’
Various Artists
August – September 2016

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Art Musings ongoing group exhibition features works of artists Nalini Malani, Smriti Dixit, Sudarshan Shetty, Shibu Natesan, Raghava K K, Ajay Dhandre, Reena Kallat, Nilofer Suleman, Gopikrishna, Sunil Gawde & Shilo Shiv Suleman.

03.08.2016 – 10.09.2016

Quarto'16 - Gallery View - 3

Ajay De, Lalu Prasad Shaw, Nandan Purkayastha & Samir Mondal
June – July 2016

Art Musings opens their 2016 edition of Quarto on 8 June 2016 with a group exhibition featuring 4 renowned artists, Ajay De, Samir Mondal, Lalu Prasad Shaw and Nandan Purkayastha showcasing recent paintings.

Ajay De’s works are easily identified by his trademark use of charcoal, interspersed with a dash of red or blue. His use of light is masterful; the mood of the work is evocative and enigmatic. His unusual technique, involving the delicate use of fingers, thumb and the palm add a stunning effect to the artworks.Samir Mondal’s bold striking watercolors are radiant in their rendering. Mondal has incorporated the inherent quality, richness and substance of the medium of oil, and has developed textures and structural features into his watercolor works giving them vitality and depth.Lalu Prasad Shaw’s work is notable for its smooth synthesis of disparate stylistic elements to produce a simple, yet sophisticated result. He is known widely for his highly stylized portraits of Bengali women, laying the most emphasis on his subject’s physical characteristics. Shaw’s works, mainly executed in gouache or tempera, are simple and graceful, having a very still, well-composed and smooth exterior. Nandan Purkayashtha’s monochromatic drawings are full of detail and dimension. The artist uses pen and ink to create expansive spaces rich in mythological and historical references. Patterns are deftly overlaid, giving the drawings the tactility and texture of fabric. The fine spiral pattern drawing inter-relates all the elements in the works giving them a unique complexity.

08.06.2016 – 16.07.2016


Ajay Dhandre, Gopikrishna & Raghava K K
May 2016

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Art Musings is proud to present a group exhibition ‘Troika’ showcasing recent paperworks of Raghava K K, Gopikrishna & Ajay Dhandre opening on 2 May 2016.

Raghava‘s nonchalant and edgy pictorial vocabulary hints at a future, which engages with experimentation. The present suite of drawings is a whimsical exploration of our capacity to play many disembodied roles at once.

Gopikrishna’s paintings appear as though they were pages from a book of fairytales. In his surrealistic conte paperworks, one can witness the ordinary and the impossible, unity and solitude, illumination and darkness.

Ajay Dhandre’s meticulously detailed paintings have the aura of science fiction. His interest in chimeras, hybrids and devices is significant. It articulates his understanding of the future as an outcome of crossovers, genetic experiments, laboratory side effects and the confluences of diverse impulses.

The exhibition continues till 31 May 2016 at Art Musings.

02.05.2016 – 31.05.2016