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‘The Secret Sea’
Maïté Delteil
November – December 2018

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Art Musings opens its next exhibition featuring rare graphite drawings from the 70s by esteemed French artist Maïté Delteil. Delteil’s attentiveness to detail is a form of devotion: her drawings are songs of praise, in which she exalts the beauty of things even as they pass into decay and dissolution, as creatures of time. She brings together nature and artifice, creating a sense of balance and restraint which marks her drawings. In Maite’s work, keenly-rendered birds congregate about round trees of fruits and flowers. This is a world where plant and birdlife are put in focus, and where the supplementary takes center stage. Delteil’s delicate, highly detailed drawings convey into being the roundedness of cherries, the heavy pile of snow, the variegation of the plumage of hoopoes and finches, the particular serration and generic density of foliage. Also on display is a rare suite of drawings which the artist had executed for a book ‘Louis XIII enfant’ by Michele Lochak that was published by Magnard in France in the early 80s.