Samir Mondal, Banalata II, Watercolour on paper, 22'' x 16'', 2019


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Art Musings is presenting a group show featuring acclaimed artists Laxma Goud, T. Vaikuntam and Samir Mondal which opens on 11 March ‘20. The exhibition features paintings in oils, acrylic & watercolour as well as etchings and sculptures in their trademark style.

Works on display by Laxma Goud include a variety of mediums including etching, gouache, pastel, sculpture, and glass painting. Early works on display include masterful small paintings of village life in a palette of monochrome greys in pen and ink, and his drawings and etchings from this period are an interesting combination of village nostalgia, the surreal, and the erotic. Also on display are recent reverse glass paintings in a more decorative style.

Vaikuntam draws inspiration for his work from the rural areas of Andhra Pradesh. Women, in particular, are frequent subjects for his works. The love for this subject can be traced back to his fascination with theatre groups that travelled to and performed in his village. His work has a distinctly raw, rustic and potent flavour.

Samir Mondal is one of India’s leading watercolour painters. His subjects include starkly vibrant portraits of women, as well as floral landscapes. The bold striking watercolours are radiant in their rendering. Mondal has incorporated the inherent quality, richness and substance of the medium of oil, and has developed textures and structural features into his watercolour works giving them vitality and depth.