‘Threads into the Labyrinth’
Atul Dodiya, Paresh Maity, Prabhakar Kolte & Rameshwar Broota
July 2019

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With this exhibition, Art Musings Art Musings carries the year-long five-show sequence celebrating the 20th anniversary of its founding into the gallery’s own space, continuing the celebration that began with The Opening Plenary, a show that presented works, all created especially for the occasion, by 20 artists whose careers the gallery has nurtured, whose experiments it has sustained, and with whom it has had close, mutually cherished associations.

The third exhibition in this cycle, Threads into the Labyrinth, opens on 2 July ‘19, showcasing works of Atul Dodiya, Paresh Maity, Prabhakar Kolte, and Rameshwar Broota. Despite their radically different approaches, these artists share a fascination with the shifting border between image and non-image, between human knowledge and its transcendence. Atul Dodiya has evolved a distinctive archive of references to art history, world cinema, and the Gandhian movement. Through it, he celebrates love, melancholia, the desire for encyclopaedic knowledge, and the challenge of what lies beyond knowing. Paresh Maity re-calibrates the portrait and the landscape, the individual and the group, through his polychrome yet shadowed festivity. Turning to installation, he invites the viewer into a mysterious interplay of visual, aural and subliminal sensations. Prabhakar Kolte has long worshipped at the altar of abstraction, abjuring recognisable objects and the parameters of retinal reality in favour of the purity of colour, brushstroke and the image that refuses the name of image. Rameshwar Broota has, in recent decades, committed himself to the demanding image that must be scraped into existence from beneath layers of pigment: the image that partakes of sensual physicality yet remains spectral, beyond name and style.