Sakti Burman, Fragments - Reflection, Watercolour, pen & ink on paper, 7.5'' x 6'', 2020

Of Gods and Men
Sakti Burman

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Art Musings is proud to present ‘Of Gods and Men’, a solo exhibition of master artist Sakti Burman, in October ’21, presenting over 100 works on display. Burman has spent the duration of the global Covid pandemic in India, unable to return to France, where he lives. Devoted to the daily practice of his art, he has produced oil paintings, watercolours and drawings, revisiting his established repertoire of imagery while responding to the stimuli of the moment. Burman’s paintings seem to exist outside the flow of time, in a world of reverie and fantasia populated by mythic beings and personae that reflect the artist’s self and his family circle. The majority of the paintings included in this exhibition have been created during this turbulent and disorienting period, during which the rhythms of the studio have offered the artist solace and a source of spiritual replenishment.