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Savage Flowers
Smriti Dixit
17 January – 28 Feb 2022

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Art Musings presents ‘Savage Flowers’, a solo exhibition of Smriti Dixit, curated by Nancy Adajania.  The exhibition presents Dixit’s sculptures at a point when the artist has come powerfully into her own. It features site-specific installations and sculptures, woven, variously, from plastic tags and strings of fabric: everyday materials found, made, recycled and upcycled. Dixit’s work points to the complicated slippage between the spiritual and the commercial, the organic and the industrial, the sustainable and the unsustainable. It gestures towards the struggle for survival in which the human and non-human species are engaged, on a fragile planet that they must share.To quote exhibition curator Nancy Adajania, “These are infinite projects, constructed patiently and repetitively over a period of time and invested with endless labour. Dixit blurs the line between the organic and the industrial. Her sculptures are fecund creatures that might startlingly throw out a green shoot if you lavish them with focused attention. Even as they consolidate into archetypal and biomorphic forms that remind us of mandalas, screens, yonis or cocoons, these sculptures are an extension of the artist’s body, its stresses and strains, dreams and disquiets channeled through moments of stillness, growth, and even overgrowth.”

Sakti Burman, Fragments - Samudra Manthan - III, Watercolour, pen & ink on paper, 9.5'' x 8'', 2020

Weekend Pop-up
Sheetal Mallar & Sakti Burman
9 December – 11 December 2021

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Art Musings presenting a special Weekend Pop-up from Thursday to Saturday, 9th – 11th Dec ’21 featuring two diverse exhibits, one with Sakti Burman, one of India’s leading artists, and the other featuring photo works by contemporary photographer Sheetal Mallar.