Deveshi Goswami

Deveshi Goswami (b. 1993) is a contemporary artist currently based in New Delhi, India. Her art practice, primarily experimental and abstract in nature, is driven by her fascination for the concept of ‘Chaos in the Now’, or how art is a medium of expression in the moment. Her multi-layered, dynamic works portray the complexities of the journey of life controlled harmoniously. Goswami’s art is motivated by her own life experiences. All her conscious decisions made in a particular moment become the driving factors for the expression translated onto the canvas. The artist allows the techniques of chance-making and play to initiate and drive her creative process. Based on her personal aesthetic, she artistically formulates a semblance of balance and harmony with her own abstract forms and shapes which she calls ‘automatic drawings’. The layers in her works form abstract shapes and unrecognizable vibrant forms. They invite the viewer to draw their own narrative from the work, rather than letting the artist dictate the meaning of the work. Goswami received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore. Her works have been exhibited both locally in New Delhi as well as in international locations including Singapore and
Hong Kong.