Rakhee Shenoy is a textile artist weaving together a rich tapestry of multidisciplinary skills, artistic expression, and a deep commitment to ethical textile practices. Rakhee’s artistry thrives on the fusion of unique mixed media techniques; including handloom weaving, hand embroidery, painting, and digital drawing. The MA programme at the Royal College of Art, London and undergraduate programme at Srishti MAHE, Bangalore has strongly influenced her ability to combine diverse approaches and materials, resulting in artworks that are not only visually captivating but also conceptually profound. Her creations become a canvas for storytelling as she weaves narratives of human connection into her work. Central to her artistic ethos is her dedication towards creating a unique visual language. She employs varied mixed media techniques to create her artworks. Her process begins by hand drawing and painting elements, after which she scans her work and digitally introduces new elements and interventions. The digital artwork or collage is then printed on archival canvas, and subsequently hand painted and hand embroidered. Rakhee works closely with a team of embroidery artisans at her studio to realise her artistic vision. Rakhee’s visual imagery draws inspiration from everyday life and the notion of holding onto keepsakes, heirlooms and habits. Objects hold memories of shared narratives and signify where we come from by acting as tangible links to our past. These artifacts capture the essence of moments, stories, and experiences that shape our identities. They carry the imprints of cultural heritage, personal milestones, and communal histories. Through these objects, we connect with the collective memory of our communities, preserving the legacy of our shared journey. Through careful manipulation of elements and a deep exploration of symbolism, Rakhee aims to create a sense of nostalgia and comfort. 

Rakhee’s work has also been showcased on various international stages. Her work has been exhibited at the prestigious Z33 Museum in Belgium and Unit 1 Gallery London in collaboration with Sanne Vaassen, in London Craft Week 2022, Hackney Gallery London, and Royal College of Art 2020 show at The Bargehouse London. She has also participated in important group shows in India. Her participation in global art shows has led her work to be published in international publications. Through her work, Rakhee Shenoy opens portals to new dimensions, inviting viewers to explore the depths of textiles as a form of expression, connection, and transcendence. The artist lives and works in Bangalore, India.