Suneel Mamadapur’s practice is built around an edgy surrealist vocabulary that employs shifts and substitutions of images and visual registers to create surreal and fantastical landscapes and narratives. To achieve this, the artist combines photography, digital manipulation, and other mixed media to transport viewers to another world. By exploring the ethical dimensions of contemporary life, with a focus on the complex dynamics of power and difference across visual, social, and political realms, Suneel often utilizes the fable genre as a means of presenting the dilemmas facing modern humanity. By employing an allegorical imagination, he effectively conveys urgent moral imperatives through linguistic means, uncovering the hidden iniquities that govern social life.

Storytelling is another significant feature in his art, which forms part of a larger narrative and incorporates elements of mythology, folklore, and history into the imagery. His works resemble parables in their structural and linguistic organization, drawing upon the minutiae of everyday life that are often combined and recombined in surprising ways to deliver a succinct and unmistakable message. Humour and irony are frequent features in his art; wherein he uses satire to comment on social and political issues. This playful and whimsical approach to creating images adds an air of absurdity to his work, while the use of complex layering and digital manipulation techniques helps to create visually stunning and thought-provoking works. Solo exhibitions with Art Musings include Desert of the Present, 2008. The artist lives and works in Hyderabad.

Past Exhibitions with Art Musings

2008Desert of the Present